The results are truly amazing! Your carpet will appear brighter, cleaner, and newer
              Reduce the chance of asthma flareup by removing dust mites and their waste products
              We know that a clean home is a healthy home
              The results are truly amazing
              We know what it takes to get your carpet really clean.
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              Area Rug
              Pickup and delivery are available bringing out its beauty once again!
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              Enhance the appearance of your upholstered furniture
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              Air Duct
              Indoor air quality is a growing concern - is your family's Health!
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              Call for price estimate or schedule an appointment
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              You will be surprised at how affordable our price will be
              Get the job done smoothly and efficiently-to your absolute satisfaction.
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              Good To Know
              Additional Services We Provide
                STAINS PROTECTOR
                A protective treatment to help carpets and upholstery resist water-based stains and soiling.
                It is non-toxic and safe to use around family and pets.
              • GREEN
                Safe non-toxic carpet cleaning method to get your home clean without the toxins of ordinary cleaning products.
              • COMMERCIAL
                CLEANING SERVICES
                CLEANING SERVICES
                Your facility needs that extra professional finishing touch, so supplement with special services such as carpet and upholstery steam cleaning, floor care and air duct cleaning.
                HIGH & LOW PRESSURE
                EXTERIOR CLEANING
                Restoring the shine to your property is our main priority, from washing to stain removal.
                We offer a variety of exterior cleaning services, both residential and commercial.
                & MOLD REMEDIATION
                When disaster strikes your home, your family's lives are disrupted. All you want to do is get everything back to normal, fast! Call us now for an immediate response and a complete solution.
              • PET STAIN & ODOR TREATMENT
                PET STAIN & ODOR
                Embarrassed by pet stains and odor on your carpet, upholstery or rugs?
                Contact us when you need the highest quality help in cleaning pet stains and removing pet odors.
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              We at NYC Carpet Cleaning are proud to be serving the New York City Metropolitan Area for over 15 years now. We are your NYC experts when it comes to carpet & upholstery cleaning. We clean carpets, rugs and mats according to high green cleaning standards, using only biodegradable materials which do not harm the environment or your health. You can relax knowing that Carpet Cleaning NYC is on the job.

              In addition to being the right NYC Carpet Cleaning and upholstery cleaning service providers we also tailor to numerous house cleaning needs. We clean tile and grout and use hot water extraction methods such as steam cleaning which are proven to be the most effective in removing tough stains from carpets and upholstery.

              Call us today at 646-688-2878 for local Carpet Cleaning NYC service.

              NYC Carpet Cleaning only uses the latest carpet cleaning machines such as truck mount systems to provide you with the best results available. Our methods are proven to remove tough stains, such as dirt and oil from all fabrics and polyester synthetics without damaging their texture, color or softness. You can stop looking; we are your New York City Carpet Cleaning experts.

              NYC Carpet Cleaning services

              Quality of service - Carpet Cleaning NYC

              Carpet Cleaning NYC technicians are licensed, bonded and insured and can offer you the best quality of service in NYC. We don't take any risks when cleaning your home.

              For instance, when dealing with wood floor cleaning it is best to use the right wax and polish cleaning products so as not to damage, scrape or scratch the wooden floors. The same goes for furniture cleaning, different upholstery demands different treatment.

              Another example is that area rug cleaning is much different from carpet cleaning. While both can be brushed and vacuumed, area rugs can be fully submerged in a cleaning tank, while wall-to-wall carpets or floor carpets (which cannot be removed) must be treated with high pressure carpet steam cleaning equipment to enable the special foams and shampoos to have the same powerful penetrating effect as if being completely submerged in a cleaning tank.

              We make it our prerogative to train all of our New York Carpet Cleaning technicians so that they possess all of the above knowledge; and then some, providing you with the best quality of service around.

              Extended NYC Carpet Cleaning services:

              NYC Cleaning services are available in all the five boroughs:

              Call NYC Carpet Cleaning 646-688-2878

              Manhattan, NY 10036 - New York County, NY

              The Bronx, NY 10451 - Bronx County, Bronx, NY

              Brooklyn, NY 11217 - Kings County, Brooklyn, NY

              Queens, NY 11366 - Queens County, NY

              Staten Island, NY 10314 - Richmond County, NY

              Look no further you've just found the best carpet cleaning in NYC. We are here for you whenever you need us. With top commitment and the experience and determination to give you the best carpet cleaning service in town.

              Call us today for the best local service - 646-688-2878

              NYC Carpet Cleaning
              Carpet Cleaning Service | Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00am - 8:00pm [map & reviews]
              Phone: 646-688-2878 |
              Canal St, New York, NY 10002 ()
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